Dear first name

I’m willing to bet that there are many things you do so effortlessly and well that you have forgotten about the time when you didn’t know how to do them at all. Me too!

Sometimes it’s hard to remember how naïve I used to be.

When I first encountered Transactional Analysis (TA) I was astonished to learn that it is possible to understand the weird things that happen between people. Not only that, I could begin to take charge of my own reactiveness. I could actually choose how to react in many different kinds of situations.

 I was thrilled and excited and even though I was not a “professional,” I was determined to learn more. I pushed my way into “therapist only” classes, and started spending time with other people who were also super excited about this information. Then we moved from Chicago to Denver and I spent lots of time helping spread this information.

I loved teaching about the power of TA and spent many years immersed in the world of awakening other people to this fabulous tool.

Then I got distracted by other new and shiny tools. I never stop using TA. It’s the basis of everything I do. But I did forget about the power and excitement of my own awakening. After all, I use this tool so easily and naturally that I forgot that other people didn’t even know about it.

The world forgot too, and the books that were once bestsellers, Games People Play and I’m Okay, You’re Okay faded into obscurity. But something is shifting and young professionals are once again exploring how to use this information in business, education, mental health and personal development.

For the first time in many years a small introductory Transactional Analysis class will be taught in Denver. Breaking the Communication Barrier: Theory and Practice of Transactional Analysis will be offered on January 18 and 19th. We adjusted the hours so that you can still (hopefully) watch the Broncos in the playoffs.

If this is right for you, please check the details HERE and contact Abe Wagner, 303.668-8159 or to register.

In any case, I invite you to think about and appreciate the depth of your own skills and experience and to explore sharing them with others.

Jonathan and I wish you a happy, healthy, peaceful and productive 2014!


PS Exciting things are happening in Logosynthesis in Colorado – including several free introductory sessions. Check for details.