What if I stopped?

If I stopped worrying about money nothing would actually change in reality.

If I stopped reading my Internet marketing e-mail, I would have more time to write.

If I stopped reading my Internet marketing e-mail, I would not be constantly stimulated with new ideas.

If I stopped correcting Jon for the mistakes he makes I would be building up a lot of anger and resentment. (The problem is he considers correction to be criticism. I should have enough skill to correct without criticizing. I need to do something about this.)

If I stopped correcting errors I would be inconvenienced a lot.

If I stopped being annoyed when I’m interrupted I would be more relaxed.

If I stopped doing recreational shopping for clothes I would miss the fun and stimulation. (I love finding great bargains, and I have a lot more than I actually need.)

If I stopped holding onto papers, I would lose triggers for important memories.

If I stopped loving the boys I wouldn’t be me.

If I stopped keeping old things I haven’t used in a long time, I would be scared.

If I stopped piling up books and magazines near my bed, I would have more space.

If I stopped trying to sell my work online, I would be very sad.

If I stopped just trying to do an Internet business, I might actually do a successful business.

If I stopped pretending I don’t care about being successful, I would do more systematic things.

If I stopped following my health regime, I wouldn’t have much energy.

If I stopped writing I would lose my fleeting thoughts and be unable to organize them.

If I stopped thinking about how things work and how to fix them I would be bored.

If I stop criticizing myself for what I don’t do, I would stop feeling guilty.

If I stopped worrying about spending so much money I would stop criticizing my own mistakes.

If I stopped worrying about getting the most value for my money I would need to find a different game to play and win. (I’m very good at this game.)

If I stopped wanting to print photos, I would actually print some. (I did.)

If I stop thinking I have to do so many things I would set better priorities.

If I stopped wanting to please people, I would think more about pleasing myself.

Try this exercise yourself. Just write “What if I stopped………” at the top of a sheet of paper. Set a timer for 15 minutes and write anything that comes into your mind. Don’t worry about spelling, neatness, order or anything else. Just keep your pen moving until the timer rings. In this case thinking and writing are the same thing. Write BEFORE you think! Have fun with it.

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