There are some important principles to remember when faced with the problems that arise in the ordinary course of living.

1. Clearly identify the problem.

Having a feeling may be a problem, or the feeling may represent a different problem. Take the time to think through what the problem really is.

2. Take the time to decide how you would like the problem to be solved.

What do you want to happen?

3. If other people are involved, then the next thing to do is to find out what they would like to happen in the situation.

If other people are not involved, go on to the next step.

4. Assess what resources are available to you to solve the problem.

What effects will each solution you create have on either creating or eliminating new problems? If you’re lacking any information that you need, be sure to find it from an appropriate resource.

5. Ask for what you want, and be willing to be flexible.

It is important to acknowledge what you don’t want and it is important to take the information about what you do and don’t want into account whenever you try to solve a problem.

6. Allow yourself time to play with your ideas.

This is serious work, but it doesn’t have to be grim. Laugh about silly things and to enjoy yourself at any opportunity.

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