Would you accept the advice of a 4-year-old about how you ought to live your life now? I doubt that you would consciously choose to do that, but you may be doing it anyhow.

Melissa learned that she was allowing the 4-year-old she had once been to influence her life. When she was 4 her mother became seriously ill and Melissa was told she needed to be quiet and not bother her mother.

She did the best she could, but the day she lost control of herself and screamed about wanting a special toy. That day her mother was hospitalized and disappeared from Melissa’s life for many weeks.

Melissa concluded that by wanting something for herself she had made her mother sicker. To try to protect herself she decided that wanting things was dangerous. She did her best to never want anything again. She essentially froze her 'wanting energy.'

As an adult woman she lived a life of serving others and never asked for anything for herself, unknowingly following the advice of her 4-year-old self.

It wasn't until she learned to use Logosynthesis to reclaim her frozen 'wanting energy', that she was able to again realize that she was worthy of wanting things for herself instead of just caring for others.

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