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Your marriage is at risk if either your or your spouse believes any of 11 common relationship myths! Use this brief, no nonsense, information packed little book to sort out the misconceptions, misunderstandings and challenges that are sabotaging your happiness.



Is Your Marriage at Risk?

If either your or your spouse believes that:

  • A relationship will only work with the right person.
  • If a relationship is right, you shouldn’t have to work at it.
  • If you really loved me, I wouldn’t have to tell you what I want.
  • Falling out of love means that the relationship is in trouble.
  • You should avoid hurting your partner’s feelings in order to preserve your relationship.

Your marriage is heading for trouble!

Real relationships get messy because, even though you think your life partner is just like you, he or she isn’t. You are two different people trying to meet the challenge of creating and maintaining a happy and loving relationship without much useful information.

Get the important tips you need from this conversation with relationship experts Drs. Laurie and Jonathan Weiss.  Married since 1960 and working together, studying and teaching about relationships since 1972, they show you how to do it now.

What Readers Say

“This book is beyond common sense advice, it is excellent relationship therapy in a small, easy to read package.”
—Richard Rieman, Author, The Author’s Guide to AudioBook Creation

“This book is incredible!! There is a mountain of quality content packed into this short format!!! Having done a considerable amount of relationship mentoring myself, I highly recommend this book to everyone in a relationship, looking for a relationship or having ever been in a relationship! This takes “demystifying” relationships to a whole new level. Bravo!”
—Terri L. Wilber, CHt, CNLP, Program Director, Pacesetter Leadership Development, PSI Seminars, Denver

“Dr. Laurie Weiss and her husband Dr. Jonathan Weiss are truly experts in relationships and communication. Their insights are so right on. For anyone in relationship, married or not, this really looks at your underlying beliefs and how they shape your actions and reactions, and ultimately how that impacts your experience of love and the health and longevity of a relationship.”
—Philippa Burgess, Author, Inspiration and Ideals: Thoughts for Every Day

“Too many couples start uncoupling from the get-go—giving up “joys” because the other partner doesn’t like it. The reality that the Weiss’ wisely layout in this “conversational” format is to let the one who enjoys continue to enjoy … after all, it’s insane to think that we are all clones. Refreshing. Realistic. Loved the short format.”
—Judith Briles, Author, How to Create a $1,000,000 Speech

“My husband and I really enjoyed listening to the original recording of this book. It was very enlightening to learn about the different myths that we, as a couple, have fallen into. Shining the light on how we have behaved because of those beliefs helped us put a lot of our struggles into perspective. It also opened some great dialogue between us. I wish we had this information long ago; before we were married”
—Lisa Mooney, Realtor



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