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When dozens of women shared answers to the question, “What do you wish you had known before you were married?” they discovered they had lots in common. What they shared will help you have a happier and more satisfying marriage!



Are You Ready to Discover Secrets About Marriage Women Need to Know but Seldom Share?

  • Would you like to avoid the heartbreak of making poor choices?
  • Do you know what triggers you should NEVER ignore – before or after you’re married?
  • Can you tell the difference between his culture and values and yours?

Learning that the fairy tales about marriage are usually not the truth is especially important when you are contemplating getting or staying marriage.

Discover details women from eight different countries shared about:

  • What You Should Know, but Don’t
  • What You Need to Know About You
  • Why You Shouldn’t Hurry but Take Your Time
  • How Family Patterns Are Important
  • Why You Don’t Notice Very Important Things
  • Why You Need to Discuss Your Values
  • How Physical Issues Take Attention and Communication
  • How Getting Married Doesn’t Cure Bad Behavior
  • Staying Conscious About Money
  • Why Spiritual and Religious Values are Important
  • Secrets that Make Marriage Work

What Readers Say

WOW Being Married: Secrets Women Wish They Knew is nothing short of BRILLIANT. It is everything that we wished our mothers had told us but didn’t. AMEN to the truth of Laurie’s wisdom. Packed with real-life examples of women who have been there, this book offers wisdom be-yond ages. Anyone who is dating, contemplating marriage, engaged or even married already will glean years of wisdom from this little black book of secrets. This book should be a pre-requisite for all to-be-marrieds. Be the best friend you can be and pick up a copy for your sister, girlfriend, daughter, or even mother, stepmother or mother-in-law! There is a lot of comfort in reading about situations that are more than relatable. Kudos to Laurie for her compas-sion, brilliance, and love of her fellow woman. An evergreen book, this work is a MUST READ! You can’t put a rating on something this good, but if I had to rate the importance of this book, I’d give it 11 stars out of 10.”
Sally Shields, speaker, radio personality, publicity specialist and author of the #1 bestseller, The Daughter-in-Law Rules!

Unless you’re a nun, every woman NEEDS THIS BOOK!
Mary Jo Fay, RN, MSN , Author of Please Dear, Not Tonight: The Truth About Women and Sex 

We love it! … undoubtedly the book that every woman should read before considering marriage–and even before entering into a serious relationship with a man.
Susie and Otto CollinsBreakthrough Relationship Coaches and Authors of Stop Talking On Eggshells

“If my clients had read Dr. Weiss’s informative and resource packed book before they married, I might be looking for a new line of work!” Even if you think you know all about marriage and relationships, you ate sure to learn something interesting and invaluable from Dr. Weiss’s wise and intimate work. Easily accessible, the material is choc full of useful and often surprising information.Take advantage of Dr. Weiss’s 50 plus years of marriage and over 40 years  as a relationship therapist and marriage counselor.  You will not be disappointed.  A thoroughly engaging read.
Katy Kurtz, Denver divorce attorney



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