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Experience the freedom that comes from effortlessly managing distressing situations and even forget to worry about things you used to obsess about!



If you are tired of everyone telling you to just let go of things that bother you—but not giving you any useful information about how to do so, you will love this book! The revolutionary new technique revealed in this practical book allows you to release your anxiety and toxic stress in minutes. Experience the freedom that comes from effortlessly managing previously distressing situations and even forget to worry about things you used to obsess about. Order your book today and reclaim your life energy and the joy that is your birthright.

Use the specific instructions in this book to easily learn this highly effective new process that will help you to:

  • Stop worrying about things you can’t control.
  • Manage challenging situations.
  • Stop imagining disasters.
  • Turn off the thoughts that keep you awake at night.
  • Transform your anxiety into relaxation.

You can even use the process to erase those annoying songs that sometimes get stuck in your head!

This process has been called a tool, a form of prayer, and magical. Created by Swiss psychologist Dr. Willem Lammers, he calls it a guided self-change technique naming it Logosynthesis®. It’s been used by psychotherapists and coaches since 2005, throughout Europe, to help their clients eliminate stress, anxiety and worry.

Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic Stress in Just a Few Minutes Using Only Words reveals how to easily learn to use this tool yourself, in private or with a learning partner, to finally clarify and let go of those things that are draining your life energy.

Get your copy of this straightforward and easy to use book now. Then discover how to use the three magic sentences to release your anxiety and toxic stress. Reclaim your life energy and the joy that is your birthright!

What Readers Say

Logosynthesis®, A Powerful High-Level Healing Modality that almost nobody knows about…..YET !
I recently learned about Logosynthesis® and intuitively realized that it is a powerful and advanced mind-body healing modality (and I’m familiar with most of them, and have used many in my medical practice where I’m regularly dealing with severe cases of chronic illness and pain). Laurie’s book was my introduction to the subject, and I have to say that I tried the techniques and they created radical shifts in my thoughts and emotions. In fact, 3 out of the 5 most profound experiences that I’ve had in my lifetime occurred as a result of using the Logosynthesis®.
Eric B. Robins, M.D.

The exercises in this book can change your life!
Angela Johnson

I love Dr. Laurie Weiss’ little book on Logosynthesis®. It is so clear and precise, very easy to understand. The premise is that our life energy gets stuck when something painful or overwhelming happens to us. We FREEZE to protect ourselves from this pain. There are SO many modalities that claim to help us release this stuck emotional energy, such as EFT, TAT, Breath Therapy, etc. I would say that this is the simplest method by far.

In clear, precise prose, Dr. Laurie Weiss makes the case for Logosynthesis®, a tool for releasing psychic energy long bound up in stressful experiences. With strong supporting anecdotes, she introduces the reader to a deceptively simple method for enriching one’s life. Fascinating.
Mike Keefe, Pulitzer Prize-Winning cartoonist (US)

You have an absolute GEM In this sweet little book! I love it. I could not wait to use it! It is simple, to the point and makes the reader comfortable with using it.
Rhondda Hartman, R.N., M.A. AuthorNatural Childbirth Exercises (US)

I am struck by the clarity of your writing and the straightforward way you have organized and presented the material. I very much liked the step-by-step instruction! Your personal anecdotes made your own experience with Logosynthesis® more present and accessible. I am sure it will make a meaningful difference in the lives of many people. Bravo!
Foster Brashear, DesignerElectronic Systems and Devices (US)



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