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Struggling to decide if this is the right man? Questioning if loving him a good enough reason to marry him? Wondering if this is the right time and if you will ever really find your soul mate? Find the answers to these and other critical questions in this enlightening, quick reading book.



If you are struggling with any of these very important life challenges:

  • Am I really ready to get married?
  • Is this the right time for me to get married?
  • Do I really even want to get married?

And, of course,

  • Is this right person for me to marry?

Then the questions and answers in this book will help you make the right decisions for yourself.

Dr. Laurie Weiss has been publishing answers to questions about relationships since 1972. They’ve been written in lots of different formats. Here are some of the most common ones about the theme of committing to a relationship by getting married.

These are the questions of teens and twenty-somethings who are marrying for the first time. Other books in the, Secrets of Happy Relationships Series address other issues that couples experience throughout their relationships.

Here you’ll find answers to questions that include

  • What is it like to be married?
  • Should we live together first?
  • Should I be getting married if my fiancé once cheated?
  • Is a big age difference a problem?
  • Is he really ready to commit?
  • Are you my perfect partner?

… and MUCH more!

So, if you’re serious about wanting to marry the right man for the right reasons, then you are in the right place! This book will show you how YOU can make the most important choice of your life — Today!

What ReadersSay

This is a great read for anyone who cares about their marriage. I wish it was longer. It has excellent tips reinforced with examples of some things that don’t work (over and over) in relationships, and what can work. It’s realistic and helps readers to get real. And it’s pretty impossible not to connect with different aspects of the case studies and bring back bits and pieces that could help one’s own coupling here and now, wherever or however that might be. I like (!) this book for helping me think about how to invest in my own marriage.
Tom Nissley, retired pastor educator and psychotherapist

This is a good read – especially for someone looking to find a spouse. Laurie has good information that makes sense and when I read it, I had some of those aha moments.
Cynthia A



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