Project Description

How can you be a good parent when you sometimes feel like a child in a grown-up body, wishing for someone to care for you and teach you how to manage your world?

Now you can learn to nurture yourself and your children in a self-help parenting support group.



Do you nurture your own Inner Child?
It is not easy to be a good parent, even when things are going well. But when you are stressed, you often automatically parent your children the same way you were treated when you were a child—even if we don’t want to!

Now you can actually break this pattern and give your children the healthy parenting they deserve. This workbook in book form helps adult survivors of childhood abuse and/or neglect learn parenting skills by practicing giving and receiving healthy nurturing in a supportive setting.

Learn to reprogram your automatic behavior. Use this 14-session program to create a support group where you learn to parent your children while learning to nurture yourself.

In An Action Plan for Your Inner Child: Parenting Each Other  author Laurie Weiss shows how crucial it is for you to cultivate and nourish your Inner Child with unconditional love. Where John Bradshaw’s Homecoming left off, An Action Plan for Your Inner Child continues. This plan sets up a personal program for learning to successfully parent both yourself and your children.

What Readers Say

Laurie Weiss directly addresses the fact that all of us need some parenting, and some nurturing care. In these sessions many profoundly relevant issues crucial to appropriate parenting are discussed in depth and experienced. They include such areas as creating boundaries, learning to ask, holding and touching, negotiating skills, and parenting your own inner child. This is a well prepared and well-designed book. Weiss provides a program that effectively establishes safe context in which most people can gain skills and personal confidence.
— Bart Knapp, PhD, Transactional Analysis Journal

 … A powerful program for making personal change
— Dr. Adel Thomas, Physician

 I have used your book in a workshop for day care teachers as a healthy example of adult child interactions with particular ages as well as to help the adult see the world from the child’s eyes.
— Sandy Eckenrode, M.Ed., family therapist



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