"People are so busy living their lives that they forget who they are and what they really want from life."     Thomas Leonard

What if you could do something to keep remembering who you are and what you really want during the next few busy weeks? And the rest of the year as well? I am very excited about a new methodology for doing just that. We studied Logosynthesis this past weekend in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It focuses on gently removing energy blocks we put in place throughout our lives so that we can reconnect with our deepest and truest selves. I won’t try to explain it to you. I’ll leave that to its inventor, Willem Lammers, with his new, free ebook that you can download for yourself at

www.logosynthesis.net/docs/logosynthesis.primer.pdf Jonathan and I participated in the Logosynthesis basic training and felt the effects of this powerful methodology ourselves. I think I have finally lain to rest my tendency to make air travel even more miserable than it is. I say "I think" because I have now been traveling for 8-1/2 hours and I seem to be doing fine. Maybe it isn’t really miserable after all. Now I need to use "Logo" to stay calm about learning to use Word and Outlook 2010. Jonathan just installed them last week and nothing seems to be where I expect it to be. In any case we are ready to use our new tools to help our current and future clients resolve discomfort and stress much more quickly and easily. Let us know if you want to try it for yourself. We can do it by phone or Skype as well as in person. I’ll be traveling a lot and writing infrequently for the next several weeks. So if I don’t get back to you soon, have a relaxed and happy holiday season. BTW, Our 50th Anniversary Celebration continues. If you or anyone you know wants a more loving and supportive relationship be sure to visit http://www.BeingHappyBook.com to start our Being Happy Together Program.