You are human–therefore you try to explain the world to yourself by telling yourself  stories. We all do this.
Humans have been doing it since the dawn of history. Just think about the ancient cave paintings in which archaeologists show us the story lines.
Many of these stories are an attempt to make the world make sense and to keep us safe. But a common problem is that, without information and guidance, these stories often have very little to do with the actual world of cause and effect that we live in.
This is especially true when you try to make sense of overwhelming things that happen before you are 5 years old. Your brain is very immature, and you often can’t tell the difference between something that is real and something you imagine. Just think about the monsters that you knew lived in the closet.
If no loving adult helps you sort things out, you may keep on believing the story into adulthood and keep barricading the closet door. Your energy is tied up in that story and not available to help you manage the real world. It makes sense to examine those stories and release the energy stored in the ones that no longer serve us.
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