Did you ever get an A+ on a paper in school? Did you bring it home and proudly show it off? Did you save it for a long time? It was fun, wasn’t it?

My 10-year-old grandson, R, called me on Skype the other day to delightedly show off his first place team ribbon in a math tournament. Of course I was thrilled and excited with him.

So will you help me celebrate something that happened a long time ago and is happening again?

I’ve had my books favorably reviewed many times, but once, the reviewer raved about the book and said it was absolutely wonderful! I felt like I received an A+. 

 I Don’t Need Therapy … But Where Do I Turn for Answers? did well and sold about 10,000 copies, but it has been out of print for years. Now I can share both the book and the review again. I’ve included part of the review as a preface for the new edition.

So, if you have a Kindle or a Kindle App on your device or computer — or if you have some other Ebook reader or app, you can actually get it again NOW.

Wow, not too long ago that sentence would have been gibberish to me! I love the miracles of technology even if they sometimes drive me crazy.

Usually Jonathan does all of the technical heavy lifting and I just get to enjoy the results but this time I wanted to do it (at least partly) by myself — and I did. I am so proud of myself!

Please go check it out now. Kindle is at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004P1IYIU and to sample or purchase I Don’t Need Therapy ,.. but Where, Do I Turn for Answers? in all formats (including Kindle) go to http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/43645  (On Amazon.com, you need to scroll down the page to read the description.)

By the way, I just discovered http://www.Smashwords.com and it is an amazing resource.

Not only am I excited about being able to make this book available again, I am excited about all of the other possibilities this format opens up. I can make parts of my other books available there too. More than enough to keep me busy for a very long time.

And I’ll let you in on my secret:  I am about to sign a contract to write another book!