Are there times when you feel yourself just dragging? Have you noticed how differently you feel when you are excited and energetic? Would you like to have that energy available whenever you want it?

I don't know about you, but I often feel draggy about doing things I should do. I may even want to do them, but something holds me back. When I examine what that something is, I often discover that, sometime in my past, I had a difficult time managing a similar situation.

I used to lose my energy when I needed to ask someone for a favor. Exploring, I discovered that in the past I was told it was not polite to ask—that I was supposed to wait until something was offered.

I have seen children in the grocery store learning a similar lesson. A busy mom, frustrated by a child asking for everything she sees, snaps "Stop begging or you won't get anything."

If mom carries out her threat, the child freezes the asking energy.

Years later, the energy is still frozen.

Letting It Go contains a blueprint for discovering where you froze your energy and how to release it using only three simple sentences. If this is one of your challenges, read the book to find a way to reclaim the energy your frozen energy.

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