Have yStop Poisoning Your Marriage RGB copyou ever simply forgotten that you own a valuable
 resource? Or did you remember it but dismissed it as
 something that didn’t really matter? I am embarrassed
 to admit that I buried something that I should have
 been sharing with you. I just did not realize how
 valuable it really was.

It happened this way. I had been working with Ted and
Margo for several months and Margo was getting
increasingly frustrated that Ted just could not seem to
understand why she was so unhappy in their 18-year
marriage. It wasn’t that they didn’t love each other,
they did. But like so many couples they just couldn’t
seem to communicate.

Furthermore, Ted was too stressed to read the books
about marriage that Margo loved. I finally remembered
that Jonathan and I had worked with Jim Edwards several
years ago to create a “quick read audio book.” It had
been uploaded to Amazon in an obscure location that
even I had trouble locating. It had never sold a single

To make a long story short, I unearthed a copy of the
CD and after a few more weeks they finally went away
for a weekend and listened to it while they were
driving to their destination. And they talked and they
talked and they talked!

During our next session they told me how they wished I
had given them the recording when they first started
counseling. They raved about how useful it was and
insisted that I make it available to other couples.

I wanted to, but there was a problem – it had an
uninviting title and was deeply buried in the music
section of Amazon. I thought about putting it on
Audible.com but Audible only publishes recorded books
and it was not a “real book” – yet!

Now it is! It’s called Stop These Common Beliefs from
Poisoning Your Marriage: A Conversation with Experts
(Secrets of Happy Relationships Series Book 1)
and it’s
available in 3 different formats! It’s a small print
book, an ebook and a downloadable audio book! Yea!!!

 Currently, it has 8 5-star reviews on Amazon and I just
 put it on Smashwords too. So it is also available in
 all electronic formats. Get a copy now to read or
 listen to yourself and I would love to see your review
 when you have completed it.

And think about your own lost and buried resources.
What do you have tucked away that would be valuable to
you or to others. It’s time for a treasure hunt.