You know intuitively when something is draining your energy. All you need to do is pay attention to your self-talk.

I hear myself saying things like, "It's tiring just to be in the room with her."  I also hear, "I just can't stop thinking about this situation." I bet you do too.

When I was learning to use this process, I was repeatedly surprised by how quickly the Logosynthesis process let me release my energy from the stuck places and how easy it was to not even notice anything had happened.

People have different responses to the process. Some experience intense waves of shifting energy. Not me–usually I don't notice a thing right away. It is sort of a non-experience and I wonder if anything has changed.

Then, a short time later, I may notice that the pictures and conversation in my mind have shifted. My self-talk has changed and I am no longer putting any energy into the problem that I had been focused on.

This low key experience is like a delayed action response and if you experience it, don't let it worry you.

It does help to keep notes to remind yourself about what you have done. Otherwise you may totally forget that you ever had that particular problem.

This paragraph is a comment I wrote about a passage on Page 83 of Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic Stress in Just a Few Minutes Using Only Words (Rapid Relief with Logosynthesis®.) You can see the passage in the book. You can also see the excerpt here. This link will take you to where I regularly publish comments on parts of this book. This is a site where authors share of their work. You can subscribe to my musings, there, as well as to the musings of many other authors. It’s a great place to learn about new books and I recommend that you visit.