I was quite surprised in February to receive a request for
an article from Patricia Rosen of The Sober World. Jonathan
and I had been very active in the Recovery movement from
1989 when our first book, Recovery from CoDependency: It’s
Never Too Late to Reclaim Your Childhood
, was published until
the mid 1990s but we have focused in other areas since then. 

It’s not that we have abandoned Codependency as a theme.
When we work with relationships, we are usually helping
clients manage Codependency issues. It’s just that more
people search for help with relationships than search for
Codependency these days. 

So, to make a long story shorter, I wrote the article and
just received the April issue of the print magazine in the
mail. The article, “Breaking the Codependency Habit
appears on page 8. Fortunately Patricia makes a pdf edition
of The Sober World available free at www.TheSoberWorld.com
Just click over, scroll down the page, load the pdf of
the current magazine, and read the article there right now. 

Patricia has created an amazing resource for people
struggling with all types of addictions at
www.TheSoberWorld . All issues of the magazine are
available on the site as well as links to hundreds of
resources that provide assistance to addicts and their
loved ones. Go to the site and bookmark it so when someone
you know asks if you know about resources you can direct
them there.

Here is the direct link to the magazine
http://www.thesoberworld.com/april14_issue.pdf where you
can read “Breaking the Codependency Habit” on page 8.