Do you now need to wear a mask when you are in a public indoor space? I do.

When I wear it, I feel somewhat physically uncomfortable, but I tell myself it is to keep others safe from any virus infection I might spread. I am reassured that their masks keep their possible infections away from me.

Early in this pandemic public health officials said mask wearing should be reserved for people who had symptoms or were in contact with people who had symptoms.

Then the fact emerged that infections were spread by infected people before they show symptoms caused the advice to change to masks for everyone.

Most people I know share my belief, but I do encounter strangers in stores who refuse to wear masks.

Some ridicule the officials who changed their stories and insist that they have other motives for their new advice…

Some people easily adapt to new information and others are incensed by it.

When you don’t have enough resources to manage an overwhelming situation, like navigating this strange new world,  you freeze your energy around your personal explanation of the situation to protect yourself.

If you are someone whose anxiety is triggered when stories change, use the Logosyntheis sentences to retrieve your energy from the old story and make space to accept new information.

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