I don’t know exactly what I am talking about when I talk about energy. Yet this word is part of my daily conversation. I came back from an afternoon appointment and I said to my husband, “My energy is dragging and I’m hungry.” After I had a snack, I felt re-energized.
A friend of mine read auras–energy that surrounds our bodies that is sometimes visible. I have only seen an aura once. Yet, in an experiment, when we both shared casual conversations with the same people and compared our impressions of their energy, we had noticed pretty much the same things.
Perceiving yourself or another person as an energy system seems as strange as imagining each of us as food processing systems. We are, we just don’t usually focus on that aspect of our being.
Still, I can perceive when energy shifts, and I imagine that you can also. Sometimes I can say specifically that tight muscles have loosened. Other times I generally feel lighter.
I have studied different ways, physical (Yoga) and emotional (Psychotherapy) and now I have a new, faster and more targeted way to help those changes happen.
If you are trying to shift your energy, try using the Logosynthesis process yourself. It has made a big difference for a growing number of people.
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