Until the latest Covid surge, I was eagerly looking forward to my first cruise in over two years.

I love cruise vacations because every staff member I meet is focused on helping me have a safe, enjoyable vacation. This cruise is extra special because it’s also a seminar for writers and book publishers.

My husband and I are vulnerable, vaccinated and boosted, and now, once again, masked, cautious and avoiding crowds. Yet friends who take the same precautions are still getting Omicron.

The CDC says “Don’t!”

My friends say, “What are you going to do about the cruise?”

The newspaper says this surge may soon recede.

I have had fantasies of both being isolated in a cabin with Covid and of cancelling everything. Once, the uncertainty would have been almost intolerable.

Instead, I keep using the 3 magic Logosynthesis sentences to dissolve each fantasy as it emerges. So far, it’s working.

I am living my life as if everything will go as planned. If it doesn’t, I will feel disappointed for a while and then I will use the sentences again, to take back my energy from my fantasy of a wonderful trip.

If your fantasies of what might or might not happen are causing you distress, try using this process to help stay focused on your present life.

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