Do you keep reliving bad experiences and wish you could just stop? Or maybe other people are sick of hearing your stories of how mean your (ex) best friend was to you or how your boss yells at you.
Sometimes those memories come up at the most inopportune times and even stop you from going places you used to enjoy.
There are lots of reasons you hold on to things like that. The most important one is that a part of your brain is built to protect you from repeating disasters. Lots of things in your everyday life trigger reminders of past disasters to keep you alert to the faintest possibility of having them happen again.
Another reason is that you are always trying to complete things and many of these incidents are incomplete. You never got to say how angry you were. You were never comforted. Your boss never apologized.
A part of you holds on to the belief or fantasy that you need to remember those incidents in order to complete them.
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This paragraph is a comment I wrote about a passage on Page 55 of Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic Stress in Just a Few Minutes Using Only Words (Rapid Relief with Logosynthesis®.) You can see the passage in the book. You can also see the excerpt here. This link will take you to, where I regularly publish comments on parts of this book. This is a site where authors share of their work. You can subscribe to my musings, there, as well as to the musings of many other authors. It’s a great place to learn about new books and I recommend that you visit.