Are you someone who is often disappointed when what actually happens during the holiday season is not as wonderful as you hope it will be? If this is a problem for you, using the Logosynthesis basic sentences can help.

When you hold a vivid picture in your imagination of what you expect to see, hear and feel, it becomes the trigger for your disappointment. In that case, your “fill in the blank” trigger phrase is “this image of how it should be.”

Your first sentence becomes “I retrieve all my energy bound up in this image and take it to the right place in my Self.” Just remember that the “I” in this case is your essence or higher self—not your ego that tries to make things happen.

When you just experience that what disappoints you is wrong in some way, a very effective trigger phrase to insert into the sentences is “this belief that the world should be different.”

This phrase is also useful when you are grieving a loss of some kind, as so many of us are from the effects of this pandemic. Wishing for something or someone that is irretrievably lost to you freezes your energy and you need that energy moving freely to live your life to the fullest now.

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