Have you ever seen something you wish you could unsee?

In Barbara Kingsolver’s amazing book, Demon Copperhead, two children, ages 11 and 13, who can’t stop thinking about difficult experiences, talk about people telling them to just think different thoughts. They decide that they can’t just do it—they need brain-Lysol.

I used to feel stuck that way too. I couldn’t even get images from scary horror movies out of my head when I was accidentally exposed to them.

When I learned that Logosynthesis, the process I give step by step instructions for in this book, could help me ‘unsee’, or take the emotional charge out of those images, I didn’t really believe it.

The first test came when I couldn’t stop thinking about the image of having a very unpleasant conversation a few hours earlier. I said the 3 sentences and forgot about the encounter until the next day when I marveled that I had forgotten it for so many hours.

Later, I removed all the emotional baggage involved with a memory of staring at a crack in the floor as my father berated me for a mistake. I can still remember the incident, but it no longer upsets me.

So, if you need brain-Lysol, get Letting It Go , follow the instructions, and ‘unsee’ your own troubling  memory.

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