Are you having a hard time because things keep changing? I am, and so are several friends I talked with after my water exercise class today.

The carpet cleaner didn’t come at the scheduled time—and pushed the time later twice before finally rescheduling for another day.

The online call didn’t ever connect and our emails trying to straighten it out didn’t help.

The scheduled package delivery never came and my friend who took off work and waited for it all day learned later that someone had decided not to deliver it because she would not be there.

Another friend’s family gathering had to be changed because the flight was delayed, and on and on and on.

Before I learned to use the three Logosynthesis sentences to regain my equilibrium after these arbitrary changes, I used to be completely derailed by them. Now, I have learned to “retrieve my energy from my expectation that (this—whatever it is) will happen…”

The process makes an enormous difference to my peace of mind. If you use the sentences taught in “Letting It Go”, using your “expectations of something” to fill in the blanks, it will probably make your life more comfortable also.

Reclaim your energy from the unnecessary stress caused by your reaction to unexpected changes. You will be glad you did.

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