Balance is something I have heard about but I think it must be a mirage. I haven’t been able to find any trace of it all summer long. And now it’s August and I keep reaping the rewards of saying yes.

And like the weebles* in action I seem to tip first in one direction and then another, grounded but always seeming about to go too far.

Yes, I want my grandchildren to visit — of course I do — they light up my life. And when they are here I get way behind on my other chosen tasks. Right now my email inbox reads 280. Before they came it was down to 70.

Yes, I want to share Logosynthesis. I love helping people release their blocked energy quickly and use it for joyful and amazingly productive activities. And that means scheduling more talks and self-coaching classes. We offered a 5 session class. There were 9 participants and near perfect attendance. (One person was out of town for one session.)
Jonathan has posted their feedback and information about our upcoming free talks at People House in Denver on September 14th and October 19th at . You can also read what our participants say about their experiences.
In October we return from the Nova Scotia Logosynthesis Advanced Training Program with Willem Lammers the same day we do the second talk. (We adapted to a schedule change because we don’t want to miss anything.)
And yes, of course I was happy to be interviewed about relationships. I had two marvelous conversations with Coach Steve Toth, and I just realized that I don’t have the links for you yet.
And yes, of course I am helping with writing the USATAA (That’s USA Transactional Analysis Association) conference publicity. The conference is October 27 -29 in San Antonio, Texas. The program, focused on Healing Relationships Everywhere, looks very exciting. Check it out here.  Come if you can.
And yes, I am writing 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Saying I Do. I just finished the first draft of 6 of my 11 chapters. I’ll send another letter about my Facebook page adventures soon.
And yes, I still work directly with some clients – and I’m enjoying it thoroughly.
And yes, I do all this from a stable base. Sometimes I feel like I have gone too far in one direction or another, but I recover.  Physical activity helps. I do exercise at least 5 times a week and I can balance on one foot for long enough to surprise myself when I am paying attention.
 Focusing so intensively in one area often means neglecting others — like writing these letters. I apologize.
Now it’s your turn. Where are you out of balance? And how do you maintain your stability? Let me know. Post your Comments here.
And do check out the new materials on Logosynthesis Jonathan has posted at . Stay to explore a bit. Someone just asked to reprint The Top Ten Principles for Telling the Truth in Business Relationships. It is hidden in the Publication section under articles.
*Children’s roly-poly toys originating in Hasbro’s Playskool  division on July 23, 1971.