The effectiveness of people using Logosynthesis by themselves continues to surprise me. Perhaps that's because I only hear their self-reports and usually don't get to see the results of the work. In teaching a four-session class on self-coaching and Logosynthesis I’ve been privileged to hear reports from a mother and her teenage daughter about each other.

During the second session, the self-report by the mother was "I’m using it about little things that bug me and I’m feeling more relaxed." The daughter said, "Yes, you’re not going to your room and crying for hours! I like it better this way."

During the third session, the daughter said, “I'm using it about little things and it seems to help, but I'm afraid to try it about anything big." Her Mom said, "She's much more relaxed and smiling and having fun with her friends instead of withdrawing."

We've known for a while that self-reporting doesn't necessarily give us very accurate information about the effectiveness of our work. Jonathan had a client he saw only once. Her husband had been badly injured by an attacker and she came to see him because she was so overwhelmed by all of the things she needed to do to manage the situation that she was virtually frozen. She was unable to decide what to do first, so she did nothing.

Jonathan did some Logosynthesis work about her frozen energy and she made a second appointment, unaware that the work had much impact. Later, she called and canceled the appointment. When he asked why, she explained that she was so busy with all the things she was doing that she didn’t have time to see him.

Apparently she had solved the problem by doing the work with Logosynthesis, but had forgotten that the problem of being unable to decide what to do had ever existed.

We are thoroughly enjoying teaching people about the power of this tool. Unfortunately, we have only been able to make the four session class available to people who can travel to our home. Lately I've been wondering if technology like Skype would allow us to teach our experiential self-coaching training with a group instead of just one-on-one. (I know it works one-on-one.)

Are you interested in being part of an experimental group learning self-coaching with Logosynthesis in 4 2-hour virtual sessions? If enough people are interested, We'd like to try it.

Meanwhile, I'm still working on the details of publishing my new book. The title is now, Letting It Go: Release Anxiety and Toxic Stress in Just A Few Minutes, Using Only Words. This part isn't as rewarding as doing the writing, but I need to do it in order to get the book finished. I’ll keep you posted.

Warmly, Laurie

PS To let me know you are interested, simply reply to this email and write YES in the subject line. We will decide what to do and how to do it later and try to make you an offer you won't want to refuse.