If you’re feeling stressed and anxious because of the uncertainty about the coronavirus, you are certainly not alone.
In the absence of information about what is going to happen, most of us create stories, and images of what might happen.
In some cases, that’s quite useful. If you listen to professional advice to prepare for a possible quarantine, you can picture what supplies you will need as you imagine moving through several weeks of at home isolation. Then you can shop accordingly and stockpile what you need.
Too often though, the stories and images we create are based on worst case scenarios that are unlikely to happen. And those images scare us!!!

If you, like me, are someone who tends to do this, you start to feel stressed and anxious. Then, the news stories tend to reinforce the stories (fantasies really) that you are imagining and your anxiety builds.
I have respiratory problems that are pretty well managed, but I noticed imagining images of me, in a hospital on a respirator. I used the Logosynthesis sentences to dissolve those images. and they disappeared.
Now Dr. Willem Lammers, developer of Logosynthesis is offering even more help. See  at https://tinyurl.com/rkg6s5o
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