Have you taken a class about money management? Have you carefully studied methods to get more clients or customers? Do you have books on your shelves about how to get rich?

Is this information that you have learned but have not gotten around to using yet? You tell yourself you will, but for whatever reason, you just don’t!

You are certainly not alone. A client recently told me that it took him 4 years to take action on an important money decision. And he didn’t do it until he realized that his vision of the risk involved was connected to his grandfather.

When he imagined would happen if he did what he knew was important for him to do, he flashed on the family story of his grandfather who  had lost money in what he believed was a safe investment.

The day after he used the Logosynthesis sentences to retrieve his energy from this story he took the first step toward his goal.

The sentences are at the end of the excerpt that accompanies this article, and information about how to use them to resolve whatever blocks you may have to experiencing abundance in your own life are in Embrace Prosperity Book. Get your copy now and start using the information you have already collected to achieve your dreams.

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