These are my posts covering my trip to Spain from packing on April 5 to the morning after on April 25. Read from the bottom to the top. Follow me on Twitter.

  1. Pillow to pillow 24.5 hours awake, 23 hours travel time. Now, after 8 hours sleep thinking about food and suitcases. about 10 hours ago from web
  2. Downloading my email in the Philadelphia airport after a pleasant 8.5 hr flight from Barcelona.3:11 PM Apr 24th from web
  3. Starting to transition to my other life. Wonderful day at the pool with my grandsons. Sad that this time with them is over. Leave early AM.2:52 PM Apr 23rd from web
  4. Reading: “Become a Blogging Maniac » Week 2” ( )2:45 PM Apr 23rd from TwitThis
  5. “Rhinoceroses can kill things. They have smelly breath that is poison.” A (age 4 1/2) to E (age 3)1:35 AM Apr 22nd from web
  6. Getting ready for bed after a glorious day of sightseeing on the Mediterranean coast of Spain­only 2 more days to enjoy this vacation.3:17 PM Apr 21st from web
  7. It’s hard to remember all of who I am when I’m mostly “Grandma” so I posted 4Things Meme on Facebook 12:13 PM Apr 20th from web
  8. “…increasingly, individuals are turning to coaches for help with every sort of problem.” – Boston Globe 11:08 AM Apr 20th from web
  9. Funny to know it’s only 3pm at home and bedtime here. I can scarcely keep my eyes open after an afternoon exploring a medieval town.3:03 PM Apr 19th from web
  10. Wow! Finally frist Begur album, grandchildren on and off beaches and 3 of Dali Museum 3:21 PM Apr 18th from web
  11. Too tired to remember how to upload photos of the Dali museum to Facebook. I’ll try again tomorrow.2:46 PM Apr 17th from web
  12. “The aim of argument, or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress.” Joseph Jobert http://www.RelationshipHQ.c… 2:29 PM Apr 17th from web
  13. Just enjoyed a private class with my Paris based, Jazzercise instructor daughter, Rachel Claret. 3:58 AM Apr 17th from web
  14. Remembering Barcelona fishmarket: Fierce Fishmonger video 12:35 PM Apr 16th from web
  15. Waiting for the interminable cycle of the Spanish washing machine to complete itself so we can hang the clothes and take boys to the beach.2:41 AM Apr 16th from web
  16. More photos from Barcelona on Facebook 9:58 AM Apr 15th from web
  17. People who learn to ask for what they want experience less stress and more joy. Thomas Leonard 1:36 AM Apr 15th from web
  18. Question of the morning­how far from Paris to Hong Kong, Paris to Denver, Denver to Hong Kong. Thank you Wikipedia.1:05 AM Apr 15th from web
  19. Starting the day cuddling 4 year old grandson. What a treat. Followed by 8 year old and 10 year old. Checking distances around the world.1:04 AM Apr 15th from web
  20. Are you a coach looking for a “bigger game to play?” Learn how to take it up a notch here: 7:04 AM Apr 14th from web
  21. Coffee in the square, fresh warm baguette and great cheese.Looking at the ocean while littlest grandchildren nap. Vacation is great.6:34 AM Apr 14th from web
  22. @THetherington Lots of women find baldness sexy. Divorce is about other things. 12:50 AM Apr 14th from web
  23. Here is where Jonathan and I am today complete with 4 grandsons and their parents.4:28 AM Apr 13th from web
  24. Barcelona photos: 12:42 PM Apr 12th from web
  25. RT @brad_callen has a cool, new FREE tool to massively increase the number of Twitter followers you have! 11:05 AM Apr 12th from web
  26. Sitting overlooking the ocean on a cold, rainy evening in Begur–North of Barcelona–Waiting for family to arrive–cozy, beautiful music.11:02 AM Apr 12th from web
  27. Getting ready to leave Barcelona and drive to Begur. Today is cold and damp and shops are closed for Easter–a good time to travel.2:32 AM Apr 12th from web
  28. Parc Geull beyond belief!4:05 PM Apr 10th from web
  29. Rejoicing! After 60 hrs we have all our bags in showery Barcelona. Parc Guell highlight of the day.4:05 PM Apr 10th from web
  30. Enjoying gorgeous, cosmopolitan Barcelona­1 bag of 4 arrived­3 went to Madrid?? US Air only only gives info 5 hrs/day.2:21 PM Apr 9th from web
  31. Miro Museum, Teleferic up (gondala)deMontjuric (Barcelona hill), tour bus, incredible! I’m exhausted…happy 2:14 PM Apr 9th from web
  32. Joined my daughter’s family for part of Seder in Paris via Skype from Barcelona. Who needs luggage) http// 2:22 PM Apr 8th from web
  33. Amazing! Sagrada Familia Cathedral started in 19th century, partially finished in 21st. 2:13 PM Apr 8th from web
  34. We’re in Barcelona and our luggage is in Baltimore. Everyone except US Air is friendly and helpful.6:01 AM Apr 8th from web
  35. United Air Lines still has Xmas music on their classical channel­inviting me to get into the holiday spirit.5:59 AM Apr 8th from web
  36. Organizing my life for 19 days of travel. Tomorrow is packing day. Tonight is spreading everything everywhere. Time to clear off the bed.9:59 PM Apr 5th from web