My colleague and friend Mershon Niesner gave me permission to share this with you.

As we evaluate our personal and professional experiences for 2006, we begin to consider what outcomes we want in the New Year. This is more than resolution writing, this is about what you want – really want in your life.

Below are 10 questions to ask yourself (and answer) in order to turn intentions into outcomes. These are coaching questions I [Mershon Niesner, PCC] ask my clients regularly. It is simple, yet powerful. Create the year YOU want in 2007.

1. What do you want? I asked a CEO this question recently and it set the stage for his retirement plans, the organization’s succession plans, and an employment agreement. It’s the pivotal question to begin change. Be specific in your answer.

2. When I get what I want, what will my life look like? This is the vision that pulls you forward. Don’t push the rock up the hill, allow the vision of your completed goal or the achievement of what you want pull you forward.

3. How will you know when you have what you want? This is the “how much is enough” question. Perhaps you want to be more successful. With success you’ll have financial freedom, more vacation time, etc. But how do you define success in a way that you’ll know exactly when you’ve achieved your goal? Get the satisfaction of obtaining your goal. Then you’ll be ready for a new vision.

4. What is stopping you from having what you want now? What are the challenges or self-limitations that are standing in your way?

5. How will having what you want affect other areas of your life? Do you fear that losing 50 pounds will threaten your husband and your relationship will deteriorate? Will more financial success change how your friends feel about you?

6. What resources do you currently have that will help you get what you want? Who do you know who can help you? How strong is your motivation (that’s a powerful resource)?

7. What additional resources do you need in order to get what you want? Do you need a coach, a mentor, a partner? Do you need a loan, more education, the courage to make a call to an old friend who can help? Identifying resources will give you fuel for action.

8. What step are you willing to take this week? Get into action! No matter how small the step, identify it, move forward, make a change. Increase your workout by 10 minutes, make two calls, save $10 a week. Do something to get yourself on the road.

9. What affirmation will make a difference? Create a positive statement about your goal as if it is already achieved. Post it. Read it daily.

10. How will you acknowledge your progress? Giving yourself credit for progress along the way is critical to your success. Don’t expect more and more without acknowledging what you have done. The little girl inside you will rebel. She must be rewarded.

Mershon Niesner

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