I knew my mother was coming to visit so I replaced the window curtains in my living room because the last time she visited, she told me how bad the old ones looked. When she arrived, she didn’t even notice the change, or at least, she never said anything about it.

My mother died over 30 years ago, but as I sat down to write about letting things go, this memory surfaced. I remembered my disappointment that she didn’t give me the attention I was expecting that long-ago day. I also remember being resentful when others didn’t give me the attention I thought I deserved.

It took a long time to release my resentment about this incident. I didn’t have the tools I have now. When I did release it, I stopped feeling resentful about other imagined slights.

Are you someone who uses old memories like this to hold a grudge and recycle old anger and resentment? Many of my readers have told me about releasing energy frozen in memories of old hurtful situations. That energy no longer leaks out when they encounter minor incidents now.

When you use the magic sentences you learn in “Letting It Go” to reclaim your energy from those old memories, it is much easier to move through current challenging interactions and stay focused on what brings you joy. Learn how now. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is.

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