Madison didn’t know which was worse, the intense pain in her mouth from the dying nerve in her tooth or the nausea she felt when she contemplated getting the root canal the dentist had prescribed for treating it.

Logic wasn’t helping. Her dentist had explained the procedure and why it would end her pain, the appointment was set, and she was nearly paralyzed with terror.

I asked her what part of the upcoming procedure scared her the most. She told me, “I can just see the thing poking inside my gums and it freaks me out! I feel like barfing each time I think about it.”

Even though she knew from experience that the anesthetic injection would block the pain of the dentist’s work, this image that she had created of what the work would look like was triggering her intense reactions.

Her imaginative mind had embellished the situation while trying to protect her—and it had nothing to do with logic.

She repeated the 3 Logosynthesis® sentences, including “this image of the thing inside my gums” as the trigger. After she was done, I asked what had happened to the image and she was surprised to discover that she couldn’t see it any longer. No more image, no more nausea!

She almost slept through the root canal procedure.

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