I have found it very easy to make up stories about how people don’t like me. I recognize and dismiss those stories quickly these days but before Logosynthesis, it was difficult to do.
I think it started the summer after 6th grade. I was invited to be in a club which I loved. After summer vacation, I was told that the club had disbanded. Later I learned that the same girls had formed a new club just like the last one, only this time I wasn’t invited.
At the time, I was devastated.

The story I told myself was that they didn’t like me because I was defective in some way.
Nobody told me that this is just what girls this age typically do to each other or that there might be a different explanation.
When something similar happened to our daughter, my husband and I helped her create a different kind of story.  We talked about how she was trying to be someone she wasn’t in order to please those girls and suggested she find girls more like herself. She did and as far as I know, had no residual problems.
If you have stories that still trouble you, learning to use the special Logosynthesis sentences will help you reclaim your energy to create better stories for yourself.
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