I surprised myself when I made a suggestion to someone today. I suggested that she store her copy of “Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic Stress in Just a Few Minutes Using Only Words” where she keeps the medication she uses when she feels anxious.

She wants to give up using the medication. She only uses it occasionally now and would like to try using the three magic sentences of the Logosynthesis process before she decides whether or not to take a pill. She commented that when she uses the sentences, she feels relief much faster than she does when using the medication.

The problem I hope my suggestion solves is that many new users of this powerful process forget that it exists when they are feeling the most stressed. I certainly had that problem when I was a new user.

I think this would also be a good idea to try with any substance or activity you normally use for stress relief. I immediately think of food, cigarettes and video games. You could store the book or a card with your reminder to “Try Logosynthesis” or even with the 3 sentences printed on it.

I would love to hear  how this idea works for you. You can email me directly at Laurie at LaurieWeiss.com. I will respond.

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