“Shame is one of the biggest barriers to people shifting their financial behaviors.” This quote, from Brad Klontz, a psychologist, certified financial planner, and researcher of money disorders, stopped me in my tracks.

It fits perfectly with the reaction of a client who was trying to figure out how to break the habit of supporting a family member who was chronically broke. After we used the 3 Logosynthesis sentences about a belief that she was supposed to take care of everyone, she said, “I should have called you a year ago.”

She knew that she was not really helping either of them by providing resources that kept the family member from assuming responsibility for herself but was ashamed to let others know how stuck she felt.

She certainly isn’t alone. I have been reluctant to share my own financial missteps with others. Victims of scammers are often ashamed of having been caught in the scam. And yet, when we share, we find out that others have made similar mistakes.

If you are struggling and reluctant to ask for help, try using “this belief that I am dumb/stupid/different” in the sentences. Use whatever words you are using to berate yourself.

You may discover that outdated family messages are holding you back. In that case, use that message as a trigger and do the sentences again. Then find help to solve whatever the problem happens to be.

Read “Embrace Prosperity.” It’s full of ideas to help you.

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