In between visits of different sets of grandchildren – the
little boys 5 & 7 and the big boys 10 & 13 – and planning
for our own upcoming vacation followed by more time with the
big boys, I am juggling plans for the fall.

I sometimes wonder how I created this delightful confusion
in my life. The truth is, I volunteered. Part of the problem
is that I am being willingly seduced by the power of a new
tool that appears to help people make remarkably rapid
positive changes in their lives. 

We just completed our first experimental "Logosynthesis
Self-Coaching Study Group" and learned how easily we can
teach interested people to use a few focused sentences to
dissolve their reactions to past, present or anticipated
stressful situations.

Nobody knows how or why this psycho-spiritual energy-
shifting process works but I do want to share what some of
the participants shared with us as they completed the
workshop. I will share just one of my favorites here and
the others at the end of the letter.

"My first experience of it was a demonstration working with
my wife, Barbara, on her tendency to overreact to what she
sees when she’s a passenger in a car. This is something I
had experienced for many years and which seemed to be
getting worse. It happened frequently and involved a
stomping foot or that gasp somebody might make as they
suddenly see the train that’s about to take them out. It
stopped completely after the one five or ten minute process.

Barbara expressed her own amazement for days afterward. She
continues to ride with remarkable equanimity, especially
when you consider that my driving habits haven’t changed."
Woody M.

Many of our participants’ experiences are far less dramatic
but still impressive. It used to take us many sessions with
a client to accomplish similar results.

Now I need to decide how much of my time to devote to
spreading the word about our new tool. I have lots of other
interests, including my agreement to complete the book,"99
Things Women Wish They Knew Before Saying I Do.

I plan to do most of the writing in August. I will let you know 
when I start sharing the process on my Facebook page.

Everything I want to do is important. I can’t do it all at once 
and I bet you can’t either. But I can prioritize and hopefully 
get everything done — and so can you. Starting tomorrow, 
grandchildren are at the top of the list.


Today I was interviewed about relationships on two different 
radio shows. I’ll tell you how to access the interviews as soon 
as I know.

We do have another "Logosynthesis Self-Coaching Study Group"
scheduled in Colorado this summer: 
and you can get more information about the process at

If you would like help from Jonathan or me to dissolve your
own reactions to stressful situations just call or email to
arrange a coaching appointment. We have been very successful
using the process over the phone and on Skype as well as in

Have a great summer.


PS If you want to experience a Logosynthesis presentation, invite us to 
speak to speak to any Denver area group about the process. The power 
of the process only occurs when we have the opportunity to demonstrate 
it with volunteers. We have not yet tried a teleclass model but there is 
always a first time. 

PPS Here are some of the other results reported by members of the 
Logosynthesis Study Group.

"[Most powerful] was the work we did regarding my always
background fear that if I speak up on anything I haven’t
studied thoroughly, I risk being judged as a fool or worse.
The process brought forth a prominent image from my
childhood. I can’t imagine a credible way to describe how
easily this memory was scrubbed of its influence in my
present. It’s actually difficult for me to even remember how
powerful it used to be.

Woody M.

"I attended only two Logosynthesis sessions. I was burdened
by negative emotions related to past events. Focusing on the
kernel of emotion that was causing distress, through the 
technique of Logosynthesis released my attachment to the
emotion. Afterwards I felt relief and freedom.
Deborah K.

"I thought I could not get rid of old stuck thinking that
I felt stuck with some issues for years. Now I do
feel an opening and some bravery for some new ideas."
Linda L.

"I did not realize the extent to which much of my energy has
been bound up in my relationship with my late father. The
application of the simple Logosynthesis processes taught by
Jonathan and Laurie have produced immediate results in my
life. I feel much more able and powerful in my daily life,
and am producing demonstrable results, particularly in the
area of my business."
Foster B.

"I realize that it’s possible to be less sensitive. This at
least helps me dial back my reactions to my own overload. 
Before Logosynthesis I couldn’t control my eating or my
computer game playing. I didn’t even use the full technique
on this problem
, but just decided that I needed to. I
pictured myself sitting in front of my computer reading and
being with the verses, but was doing something else at the
time and never got around to doing it. This was three or
four weeks ago, and I find that most days I do not play on
the computer too much and I am eating a far more healthy
diet – I’m even cooking." 

Cyndeth A.