Today I have no answers–only questions about responses and reactions to the forced social distancing so many of us have been experiencing.
I am among the privileged, and you probably are too. I am “locked down” in a pleasant home with electronic contact with most of the same people with whom I regularly interact. I know I am blessed and yet I am sad.

Yesterday, we bent the rules and went for a drive and saw the awakening spring in our beautiful Colorado foothills. I was surprised that my first reaction was tears. I am still not sure why.

Perhaps because experiencing that loveliness tapped into a reservoir of frozen painful feelings of loss I have been trying to ignore while making the best of my own situation.
Realistically, my life works. I am usually happy and productive. And yet my ability to enjoy safe human contact with others will not return for many more months and I am sad.

I use trigger phrases like “this belief that the world should be different” in the Logosynthesis sentences and they help release some locked energy.

Yet I still wonder if the sadness that remains is a way of responding to a longing for the past or just a signal that there is no substitute for the energy of physical contact.

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