“I don’t want to; nobody can make me! I’ll do it when I am dammed good and ready!”

So many different demands on your time, it’s no wonder that you avoid some of the most difficult or unpleasant tasks. Then you feel stressed and kick yourself for procrastinating. Procrastination often means that you are struggling with energy that is stuck somewhere instead of moving freely.

The quote above is the prescription I have used for myself and offered to countless clients and students when they complained that they couldn’t seem to stop procrastinating. Sometimes it works just to say that statement aloud about a particular topic, whether it is make the bed, send the Christmas cards, or finish my homework.

“I don’t want to” is telling the truth. So is “nobody can make me.” “I’ll do it” is acknowledging that you WILL get it done. “When I’m dammed good and ready” is also telling the truth. It won’t get done until then, and it feels good to say so aloud and reclaim your power.

Often you don’t want to do something because you imagine a painful or unpleasant experience—either in the doing or someone’s reaction to your task. That is where your energy is stuck. Then, use the Logosynthesis sentences to help you free your energy and move on.

This paragraph is a comment I wrote about a passage on Page 81 of  Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic Stress in Just a Few Minutes Using Only Words (Rapid Relief with Logosynthesis®). You can see the passage in the book. You can also see the excerpt here. This link will take you to Bublish.com, where I regularly publish comments on parts of this book. This is a site where authors share of their work. You can subscribe to my musings, there, as well as to the musings of many other authors. It’s a great place to learn about new books and I recommend that you visit.