"I don't want to…!"
"Nobody can make me…!"
"I'll do it when I am damn good and ready!"

A very useful set of phrases for finding out why I am (or anyone else is) procrastinating.

I don't want to make that phone call! I really don't! I hate telephone trees and waiting and listening to loud, obnoxious music while someone lies to me about how important I am to them. I know I need the information I might get if I wait long enough and I have it on my list and I do have time–I just keep forgetting!

Nobody can make me make the phone call. I acknowledge my own power. I am in charge. My energy might be stuck or frozen in a past experience of waiting. I can use the Logosynthesis sentences to free my frozen energy.

I acknowledge that I will do it–eventually–when certain conditions are met. Once those conditions of being damn good and ready have been met, I will make the call. Or maybe I will find another way to get the information I need.

Sometimes all I need to do to release my energy is acknowledge my ambivalence. Sometimes I need more. Try this and see how the process works for you.

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