Have you noticed the shift in focus from ‘how do we get through this’ to what is going to happen next?

The media has shifted its attention, people are figuring out how to come out of quarantine, and the trees are now fully leafed out where I live. We are beginning to re-imagine our futures.

Some people will be trying to re-create the past but when I asked, “How will you measure prosperity once the pandemic is over?” on Facebook, not one of the 16 people who responded mentioned money. (You can see the post at facebook.com/laurieweiss on May 25th.

Abundance may be measured differently from now on. What is available to us has certainly changed over the past few months. Since nobody really knows how things are going to be a few months from now, this is an ideal time to think about what you want most.

If you know your life mission it is easier to imagine what abundance will look like for you and to start (or continue) to work toward it.

If you keep thinking about what you have lost, the Logosynthesis process we explain in Embrace Prosperity can help you reclaim your energy   and move on into your creativity. It will also show you a variety of ways to start experiencing abundance now.

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