I thought our Mexican vacation at Emerald Bay in Mazatlan would be about getting back to writing about lessons learned in 50 years of marriage. It didn’t happen that way. I also wanted to finish reading the Willem Lammers book, "Phrases to Freedom."

I did finish the book, but very slowly because nearly every chapter opened something new, usually some small toleration I expected to keep for the rest of my life. For example, I have never managed to relax about my weight. For most of my adult life, I have stayed close to my ideal weight through constant vigilance.

I have felt very unhappy whenever my weight drifts up a few pounds. And it has become more and more difficult to discipline myself to take off the added pounds. It has also become more and more difficult to actually achieve weight adjustment as I have gotten older.

Each time I travel, which I do a lot, it’s been a battle between fear that I will add more weight and the desire to go unconscious about food and eat what everyone else does and guarantee that I gain a little. The conversation in my mind goes on and on. Yesterday I did Logosynthesis® work about that issue. I did not record what words I used and it seems to be in the nature of the work that I forget it as soon as I complete it so I can’t share exactly what I did.

Anyhow, something is different. My internal conversation about whether and how much to eat has vanished. I have no idea what will happen next but I know I am much happier without the conversation. I will do my best to keep you informed. The test will come soon because our next trip is a seminar/cruise/outrageous vacation with internet marketer, Jim Edwards.

(Jim interviewed us for a "Quick Read Audio Book" about "The Top 10 Hidden Beliefs About Relationships And How To Stop Them From Poisoning Your Marriage" a few months ago. It should be available on Amazon very soon.)

The most remarkable "Logo" experience so far happened when I began to feel ill shortly after eating lunch one day. This has happened before and led to most unpleasant intestinal consequences. I asked Jonathan for help and managed to release all of the negative energy and images and within about 15 minutes I felt fine and have stayed fine throughout this entire trip. We were amazed and delighted.

Look for my blog posts about releasing newly hatched baby turtles and about watching a very tame wild iguana devour a lunch of brightly colored flowers topped off by two maraschino cherries.  I actually held one of the baby turtles — pictures are posted too, at http://tinyurl.com/3y6gan8. Unfortunately we didn’t have a camera when we watched the iguana.

This was written in Mexico. I’m home now and I weigh a little less than I did when we left on this trip. That is definitely something new. I also feel more relaxed about "Afterburn" from my last trip running into my "Reachback" for the next one. (Eric Berne’s words describing what happens when the aftereffects of an event and the preparation for another event happen at the same time.) I used Logosynthesis today with a coaching client with immediate positive results. And I am still deep in the process of opening mail and unpacking while making piles for my next trip.