Not everyone loves preparing for the holiday season. Many dread it because they are trying to live up to an imaginary standard of “how it is supposed to be.”

The standard may be an image of your mother seeming to effortlessly produce holiday goodies, managing the shopping and creating wonderful family gatherings.

Or, if your holiday memories are chaotic, you may imagine being able to create peace and serenity in a family where the same argument comes up each time you get together.

Being over-responsible by spending way too much time and energy to make this winter holiday season wonderful for everyone around you is a trap you can escape!

You can find relief by reclaiming your energy from the belief that “it is supposed to be” a certain way.

First imagine a picture of the perfect scene you are trying so hard to create. Then use the 3 sentences that are the core of Logosynthesis to reclaim your energy from the fantasy embodied in the picture.

Start with “I retrieve all my energy bound up in this picture of …” and go on from there. In a few minutes you are likely to have a very different image of how you can relax and let others contribute to creating something ordinary and abundant for everyone—including you.

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