What would you do if the three people you loved and depended on for emotional support died within two years? Nancy told me her story when she was deciding which of my ‘Rapid Relief with Logosynthesis’ books to buy.

She had lost her husband, her sister and her mother so quickly that she had not been able to fully experience her grief for any of them. Instead, she had simply, in her words, “numbed out.” She became depressed, could barely function, and now, after 11 years of learning to release her grief in psychotherapy, she was doing well.

From an energetic perspective, she had frozen the grief because she had no support to experience it and let it run its course.

Sadly, even as the pandemic eases, too many people have been numbed by painful losses. Logosynthesis can help anyone to release the frozen energy and heal from some of the most painful aspects of losing a loved one and find peace again.

Nancy chose to get “Letting It Go” to learn to use the process whenever she needs it. If you are numbing out in any part of your life, get a copy yourself and try it. And if you know anyone who is trying to recover from a loss, give them a copy too.

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