The truth is I’ve been traveling for almost a month. Actually within that time I was home for nearly a week but it didn’t feel at all like being home. When I took this on I optimistically thought I could accomplish a lot more than was realistic. The truth is that, like in the Sinatra song "My Way," I bit off more than I could chew. 

It’s been a mixture of wonderful and challenging events including a fantastic vacation, some very rich learning, becoming one of only two Certified Logosynthesis Practitioners in the United States (Jonathan is the other), having some airline travel go beautifully as well as being caught in one of the biggest airport messes I can remember – and arriving only an hour late after missing two different flights. 
Actually that part I bit off for myself and I could have managed it if a few other unexpected things hadn’t gotten tossed into the mixture.
The week before our first trip a pinched nerve in my back slowed me down considerably and on the day I was most uncomfortable we woke up and discovered a major flood in the basement of our 55-year-old home. There was no obvious source of the water that was inundating us as we tried to mop it up and get things out of the way. 
After what seemed like an interminable time but was really just a few minutes, Jonathan turned off the water valves leading to the house and the deluge stopped. We were due to leave in less than three days.
I feel like I should stop the story here and leave you hanging for the next episode, but I won’t. Amazingly, from that point on almost everything has worked out well. The rescue company we called was incredibly professional and once they got started we didn’t even see what was happening for at least 10 days. They coordinated with the insurance company and other necessary repair services. 
The work is still going on and because of US holiday on Monday we couldn’t even find out what was happening until yesterday. We still have an enormous job of sorting through our belongings and putting things away in the newly reconstructed cabinets. That will come later.
Meantime we attended Logosynthesis training in Nova Scotia and enjoyed an incredible vacation on a repositioning cruise of the Liberty of the Seas that started in Barcelona, Spain and ended in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Here’s a picture of me learning to ride a Segway in Malaga.
We drove home from the airport in a blizzard after spending the day traveling from Fort Lauderdale to Denver. The snow melted, the weather is beautiful, the president was reelected, the hurricane came and went, the suitcases were unpacked, and then my back went out again. My chiropractor promises I should be fine in a couple of days – and the saga continues.
All I can say is that I never could have imagined this fantastic life I lead. I am truly blessed and am looking forward to keeping my commitment to spread the word about 99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before…Saying "I Do" and about Logosynthesis and to enjoying the holidays and spending time with my family.
I hope you enjoy a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving day here in the US and take time to count your blessings wherever you are.