I live in Colorado and have been reading about how the victims of the huge fire that destroyed over 1000 homes can’t get the devastating images of destruction out of their thoughts.

The problem is completely understandable.  We’ve all had the experience of replaying an uncomfortable experience repeatedly. Our brains are affected by strong emotional reactions to something that we witness, whether or not we are directly involved.

I can still recall a violent scene in a movie I saw over 60 years ago although it took years to release its power to make me cringe. Now I can release the impact of those experiences quickly and easily.

Since I learned to use Logosynthesis, the powerful process described in Letting It Go, to resolve (and dissolve) disturbing images, I want others who suffer to be able to do the same thing. That’s one of the main reasons I wrote the book.

The process is very simple. You remember the image which could be a sound, physical sensation, smell or taste as well as a picture. Then you say 3 sentences using a few words to represent the image in each sentence. Most people who do this for the first time are amazed at the changes.

I have volunteered to work with fire victims. I hope I can do so.

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