I was asked a challenging question when I was a guest on an online program explaining the power of Logosynthesis. The focus of the program was creating abundance for as many people as possible in the world. Many participants were actively pursuing projects to do that.

The questioner described having a hard time staying positive while feeling crushed by all the negative news. She asked me how I managed this problem. My offer to demonstrate how using this powerful 3-sentence process to help was enthusiastically accepted.

Since there were so many people participating, I decided to use “this pervasive negativity” in each of the sentences and we proceeded to demonstrate the process.

The first sentence focused on reclaiming your energy from the pervasive negativity. The second sentence focuses on removing that outside energy from your personal energy field and the third sentence reclaims your energy from your reactions to this pervasive negativity.

Many people reported significant relief. If this is a problem you face, find the exact sentences in “Embrace Prosperity” and do the process yourself.

I consider myself an ambassador whose job is to relieve suffering by introducing as many people as possible to Logosynthesis. If you have a program or book club seeking guest speakers, contact me to see if I can fit you into my schedule. https://linktr.ee/laurieweiss

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