Recently, many things went wrong for me at the same time! Most of them where electronic—I won’t go into the details here—none were life or health threatening—but I was approaching meltdown. I definitely wasn’t thinking clearly.

I am generally pretty calm, but I had activated all kinds of old messages, blaming myself, blaming my webmaster, blaming my internet provider and imagining several different kinds of disastrous outcomes.

If you get into situations like this, what I did next may be useful to you.

I tried to use the Logosynthesis sentences about my sad story, “this internet mess.” Not much happened until I recognized that it wasn’t the mess, the real cause of my upset was my belief that I had (unknowingly) broken a promise to my clients.

My energy was stuck in “the belief that breaking a promise is a disaster.” When I used the sentences again, with that as the trigger, I felt calmer and almost immediately thought of several ways I could manage the situation—which turned out not to be such a disaster after all.

The lesson for me, once again, (and for you too—if it fits) is that any upset is not necessarily about the external situation, it’s about the belief I may have about that situation.

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