Can you measure prosperity with toilet paper?

How do you think the idea that you might run out of toilet paper unless you bought a huge supply got started?

I remember being warned prepare for the pandemic by having enough supplies on hand to last for two weeks. Paper goods were mentioned as part of those supplies.

Did you start to feel a little bit anxious? I know I did. Apparently some people were more  anxious than others. In fact, they must have been terrified.

Instead of buying what they needed for a few weeks, they bought much, much more. That buying created the scarcity they feared. Suddenly there was not enough for the rest of us, so searching for more became an obsession–even for people who already had a supply.

Is it possible that the belief that you need more and more money to have enough is just as unnecessary as the belief that you need more and more toilet paper to be safe?

If you usually think your prosperity depends on how much money you have, maybe it’s time to think differently. When you reclaim your own energy and start thinking of other possible ways you may be prosperous, you’ll discover that you may be far more prosperous than you imagined.

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