You have an opportunity to freeze energy almost every day of your life.
It takes attention to manage your life and research has shown that the amount of attention we have available over a period of time is actually limited. It can be renewed by rest, meditation, time in nature, etc, but it’s like only having a certain amount of money to spend each day. When it’s used up, you need to figure out ways to manage without it.
Giving something your attention is a way of using your available energy. Once your supply is getting low, you have less energy to respond to demands on your time and you react emotionally instead.
You know those reactions are likely to get you into trouble at work or with another person, so you just quickly bury the whole messy business and go on to something else. That’s how you freeze energy.
If you do this often enough, it will probably lead to problems later. Things like exhaustion and burnout are some common results.
Taking time to reclaim that frozen energy using the Logosynthesis sentences can keep the problems from building up. You’ll know when you need to do this when those negative experiences resurface and get stuck in your mind. Take time to let them go!
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