Sometimes what you believe makes a bad situation worse. That can be especially true when YOU BELIEVE THAT DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT WILL KEEP YOU SAFE.

  • People who get the Omicron variant of Covid, despite being vaccinated and taking precautions, feel betrayed.
  • Others who can’t get the postponed medical care they need and have planned for because of overcrowded hospitals are frustrated and angry. They spend energy blaming unvaccinated people who are ill and taking up hospital space.
  • When a long-awaited vacation is canceled again because of virus-related travel restrictions, you feel duped by promises that the world would be safe by now and it isn’t, and you blame public health officials for your disappointment.

You didn’t get what you thought you deserved in any of these situations. The reasons are complicated, and it may seem easier to be angry and blame someone than to accept things as they are. You use energy to manage each situation whether you blame someone else for it or simply accept it. Blaming takes extra energy.

Sometimes accepting disappointing situations can be a real challenge, but IT IS POSSIBLE TO LET GO OF BELIEFS THAT NO LONGER SERVE YOU.

When you use the magical sentences in Letting It Go: Relieve Anxiety and Toxic Stress In Just a Few Minutes Using Only Words  to reclaim your energy from beliefs that cause you distress, you’ll feel better.

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