Sometimes you experience a moment that changes the direction of your life. It happened to me in 2010.
9 years have passed since I first experienced the power of words to dissolve a long-standing problem in just a few minutes. At that time, I was planning to retire, but I was so intrigued I wanted to learn more.
The more I learned, the more I discovered how using this new tool could build on a 40-year career of practicing psychotherapy to allow me to help relieve pain faster than ever before.

Several years into this process, I realized that many more ordinary, non-professional people could use this tool to help themselves. And for many problems, they did not even need to work with a therapist. All they needed was access to the tool.
When Dr. Willem Lammers, developer of Logosynthesis, suggested I write this book to make it easy for anyone to learn this simple, powerful process, I eagerly accepted the challenge.
The experience of my readers attests to my success. If you have not yet tried Logosynthesis for yourself, I urge you to get your copy of this book today. It’s a tool that really works.
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